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Download link

As you might have already noticed, nothing been happening here, no one be doing anything, and I be not working on the map due to motivation issues. I might maybe one day eventually with some chance and maybe go back on it, but for now here is the download link for the last version of the map :

It goes in C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\Maps\Download and then you can play on your own or with other friends.

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Well, one could say that no one had done anything recently here because of your inactivity. I had one or two concepts but held back because there were a lot of characters that weren't implemented. Didn't want to overload you with work.

I'm also aware that you've been on the hype-train that calls itself HotS for quite some time and that you're pretty satisfied about the SC2-editor. A lack of motivation for working with an archaic editor such as the one within WC3 is just a logical consequence of that.

Anyway... If there's anything we can do, just tell us. I'm still standing behind the whole thing.


Well HotS is only coming back recently for me cause some friends have it, but other than that I'm mainly on other types of games right now.

As for what you could do... not much honestly... it's just my personal motivation and I don't want to play much moba types things these days...

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