Chat commands consists a group of letters preceded by a dash, that if entered in chat (sometimes with a parameter following them), will do specific things.


  • "-help" : display a list of commands and their uses
  • "-help vote" : display a list of gamemodes
  • "-clear " : clear all automated messages from the user's screen
  • "-vote X" : only available at the start of the game, cast a vote for the gamemode with the ID X
  • "-setname X" : changes your name for the map to X, with up to 30 characters


  • "-dashcam" : toggle the camera following your hero during displacement spells
  • "-herocam" : toggle the camera following your hero, but disables minimap targeting for an unknown reason


  • "-st" : display your attack damage (base + bonus), on-hit magic damage, lifesteal, ability, armor (base + bonus) and movement speed (base + bonus)
  • "-spells" : display the scalings numbers of your abilities
    • Example : if you have a level 4 Lion's Fang.png Lion's Fang and 100 AD, it'll say "Lion's Fang damage : 245"


  • New command : "-help vote", display the ID, name and rules of each gamemode


  • "-setname" max characters increased from 12 to 30
  • "-vote" command now displays a global message to indicate you have voted (but not which gamemode)


  • Added "-spells", "-dashcam" and "-herocam"


  • Added "-help", "-clear", "-st" and "-setname"

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