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At the planet's dawn, when the first races began to spread out after the gods ascended, a single Kodai decided to defy the Kodai's stance on keeping distance to the other races. That Kodai's name is Matron and, together with a few other Kodai she was able to convince, she created the Order of Assassins, the world's shadow that would execute high-profile targets through history and haunt the Empire in general, for a handful of souls. This stays true even after Matron got slain after the First Demon War by the hands of Aephus Portrait.png Aephus, for Matron got replaced by her finest apprentice, Crona.

While the Order itself got less active and more hidden, that didn't bother Crona, for she would use Matron's Immortalizer to wait until the time would come where the murderer of her favored teacher would show his face to the world again. She even went so far to declare Matron a minor deity, the "Goddess of Equalizing", after a few decades to improve morale for new Assassins.

After the Duskbringer returned and brought havoc to the realm, Crona knew her time has come. Donning Matron's cloak and her favourite weapon, she and a handful of Elite members travelled to the ruins of the Empire. Ordering the other assassins to kill just enough mortals and demons so the hated Kodai Justicar wouldn't get distracted from the Prime Gate, where she herself would meet Aephus again. As long as Aephus' blood will be spilled across the battlefield, Crona doesn't care which side will claim victory.

The Order of Assassins will forever exist in history's shadow.


  • Widow's Kiss.png Widow's Kiss
    • On-Target cooldown reduced from 5 to 0
    • Slow increased from 20 / 25 / 30% to 40 / 60 / 80%
    • Slow duration reduced from 2 to 1


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