Gamemodes are a set of rules determined during the first 30 seconds of a match, before the heroes can be selected, using the "-vote" chat command followed by the ID of the gamemode. The gamemode with the most vote will be chosen, if multiples gamemodes are tied, then the one with the lowest ID is chosen. If no votes are cast during the time period, then All Pick is chosen by default.

All Pick (0)Edit

This is the default gamemode, and what the map is balanced around. In this mode, every player may pick the hero he wants, as long as it wasn't picked by someone else before.

One for All (1)Edit

All players are forced to play the same hero, which is determined by whoever picks a hero first.

All Random (2)Edit

Each player is given a random hero, duplicates may be given.

Rush (3)Edit

Same as All Pick, but minion waves spawn every 10 seconds instead of 30.

Darkness (4)Edit

Same as All Pick, except the map is set to permanent night and shared vision is disabled. However, attack projectiles remain visible even through fog of war.

Make it Rain (5)Edit

Same as All Pick, except all gold and experience incomes are multiplied by 5.

Back and Forth (removed)Edit

Same as All Pick, but whenever a tower is destroyed, it respawns for the other team on the same spot.


  • Make it Rain now also multiplies all experience gains by 5


  • New gamemode : All Random (2)
    • Each player is given a random hero, duplicates may be given
  • Back and Forth (4) removed
  • Rush ID changed from 2 to 3
  • Darkness ID changed from 3 to 4


  • Added Back and Forth (4) and Make it Rain (5)


  • Added Rush (2) and Darkness (3)


  • Added One for All (1)

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