Hero Background & Trivia Strategy


  • Purify.png Purify has a very low cooldown and good range, allowing Ian to zone his opponents out of the lane early if he has a way to sustain the cost.
    • However, it does have very poor damage unless it is used recklessy enough to proc Higher Magic.png Higher Magic.
  • It's usually very risky to cast Energy Drain.png Energy Drain, due to the low range and the fact that it can be interrupted by a simple damage spell or basic attack.

Item BuildEdit

  • Starting with a Spiritual Bowl item.png Spiritual Bowl will allow Ian to freely cast Purify.png Purify to harass his opponent without having to risk Energy Drain.png Energy Drain.
  • Getting an early Dark Wand item.png Dark Wand and upgrading it quickly into a Rod of the Dark Arts item.png Rod of the Dark Arts will give a good damage boost to all of Ian's spells and a small but appreciable health boost, but most importantly will allow him to heal himself as he harrasses his opponent.

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