Magic resistance is an attribute of heroes, similar to armor. Instead of reducing physical damage, it reduces magic damage. All heroes, possess 25% magic resistance from their armor type, but most melee heroes have scaling magic resistance. This percentage is completely independent of their amount of armor.


All Heroes have a basic 25% magic resistance. This means that, by default, for most heroes, all magic damage is reduced by 25%, or only 75% of the ability's damage is dealt. Most non-hero units have a 0% base magic resistance.

Most melee heroes have an additional magic resistance that stacks with their natural 25%, making their actual base magic resistance 25.75-36.25%, based on their current levels. Melee heroes without this property are Ju'shu Portrait.png Ju'shu, Gorippas Portrait.png Gorippas, Thessalac Portrait.png Thessalac and Treemor Portrait.png Treemor.

There are multiple abilities and items which can increase a unit's magic resistance. These bonuses stack diminishingly, means the higher a unit's magic resistance currently is, the lower the effects of another bonus will be, making it impossible to reach 100% magic resistance. It is also possible to reduce a unit's magic resistance with the help of several abilities. These reductions also stack diminishingly, means the higher a unit's magic resistance is, the less effective magic resistance reductions will get.

However, if a hero has multiple instance of the same item that grants magic resistance, the bonus will only be counted once.

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