• Anasigma

    Darkos II

    April 15, 2016 by Anasigma

    Resurrecting an old friend.

    Gotta find him a model.

    After Darkos scores a kill or an assist on an enemy hero, that hero becomes Infuriated, increasing the damage they deal to Darkos as well as the damage Darkos deals to them by 10%.

    A Hero can remove their Infuriated status by scoring a kill or assist on Darkos. However, should Darkos score a kill or an assist on an Infuriated enemy, that enemy will permanently become Humiliated. Humiliated enemies can no longer become Infuriated, and empower Darkos' abilities.
    Get killed by a clown once, you might have messed up. Get killed by a clown twice, something is up. }} }}

    Darkos throws a ball of darkness forward, dealing magic damage to all enemies is passes through. Dark Blast gains bonus effects depending on…

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  • Anasigma

    A few items

    April 9, 2016 by Anasigma

    It's all in the title, baby

    • Recipe: + + 800 gold (3000 gold)
    • +60% attack speed
    • +60 ability power
    • +6% movement speed on melee heroes
    • Passive: Basic attacks against enemy heroes grant 6 AP and OHMD for 3 seconds, stacking up to 6 times (max. 30).

    Each strike of the whip's teeth imbues the bearer with demonic might.

    • Recipe: + + 1000 gold (2500 gold)
    • +50 attack damage
    • +4 health regeneration
    • Passive: Killing a unit heals you for .
    • Active: 50 mana. For the next 10 seconds, you gain 15% movement speed, deal 15% increased damage, and take 15% increased damage. 20 seconds cooldown.

    Some people just like blood way too much.

    • Recipe: + + 800 gold (2600 gold)
    • +50 attack damage
    • Passive: your basic attacks and this item's passive deal 0.1% increased damage for ea…

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  • Anasigma

    Vice, the arcane thief

    February 11, 2016 by Anasigma


    After his ultimate is leveled once, Vice nominates a random enemy hero. Getting a kill or an assist on that hero permanently increases Vice's agility. Vice then nominates a new target a few minutes later. This ability improves each time his ultimate is leveled.

    |leveling =

    |description2 = Vice gains 3% attack speed for 3 seconds when attacking enemy heroes, stacking up to 5 times. Attacking the nominated hero immediately grants the maximum bonus attack speed.

    }} }}

    Vice throws two spinning scythes at a 40° angle, damaging enemies they pass through. Each enemy can only be hit once.

    |leveling = |range = 650 |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = ma…

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  • Anasigma

    • Recipe: + + 1000 gold (1900 gold)
    • +500 health
    • +5 health regeneration
    • Killing an enemy grants 1 stack, up to 100. You gain a damaging aura that deals 0.5 damage per second to enemies within 200 units for the first stack and 1% less for each additional one.
    • I already suggested something very similar, figured I'd rework the concept a bit and resubmit it.

    • Recipe: + + 400 gold (1200 gold)
    • +30 armor
    • +20% magic resistance
    • Let's face it: as of now, there are not many tank items. This one is a simple tier 2 one that can build into other things, for instance...

    • Recipe: Zwergen Bracer + + 800 gold (2400 gold)
    • +35 armor
    • +20% magic resistance
    • +400 mana
    • You gain 15% of your maximum mana as bonus health.
    • A tier 3 item for people who care about nothing else but stan…

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  • Anasigma

    Uses Uther's model because well, it's the coolest of all the paladin ones

    Each time an allied hero dies, a brasero lights up in Dedwill's base. After five braseros are lit, they are consumed upon the next hero death, reducing that hero's death timer to 5 seconds.

    }} }}

    Dedwill summons a ghostly paladin which runs to the targeted area at a speed of 600. upon arrival, it strikes all enemies within 200 units of it, dealing magic damage, and remains there for 10 seconds. Dedwill can absorb the ghost by walking up to it, regaining mana equal to 20% of the damage it dealt.

    |leveling = |range = 800 |cooldown = 12 |cost = 60 |costtype = mana }} }}

    Dedwill heals himself and all allies around him and his ghost. An ally can be hit by both healing wav…
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