It's all in the title, baby

Lash of Allure

  • Recipe: Beating Gloves item.png Beating Gloves + Wand of Magic item.png Wand of Magic + 800 gold (3000 gold)
  • +60% attack speed
  • +60 ability power
  • +6% movement speed on melee heroes
  • Passive: Basic attacks against enemy heroes grant 6 AP and OHMD for 3 seconds, stacking up to 6 times (max. 30).

Each strike of the whip's teeth imbues the bearer with demonic might.


  • Recipe: Big Hammer item.png Big Hammer + Ring of Regeneration item.png Ring of Regeneration + 1000 gold (2500 gold)
  • +50 attack damage
  • +4 health regeneration
  • Passive: Killing a unit heals you for 8% of its maximum health.
  • Active: 50 mana. For the next 10 seconds, you gain 15% movement speed, deal 15% increased damage, and take 15% increased damage. 20 seconds cooldown.

Some people just like blood way too much.

Screaming Axe

  • Recipe: Cutting Edge item.png Cutting Edge + Cutting Edge item.png Cutting Edge + 800 gold (2600 gold)
  • +50 attack damage
  • Passive: your basic attacks and this item's passive deal 0.1% increased damage for each point of armor the target has.
  • Passive: Your first attack against a target deals 250% bonus AD physical damage and silences it for 0.2 seconds. This has a 3 seconds on-target cooldown.

The mage tried and tried to fight back, but the axe screamed so loudly that no spell could be heard.

Pot of Greed

  • Recipe: Divine Bracelet item.png Divine Bracelet + Wicked Bulwark item.png Wicked Bulwark + 300 gold (2500 gold)
  • +50 armor
  • +1 gold per second
  • Passive: you gain bonus intelligence and OHMD equal to 10% of your armor.
  • Active: No cost. Gives 75 mana to yourself and all nearby allies and increases their armor by 20 for 6 seconds. 40 seconds cooldown.

Sharing pays dividends.

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