• Recipe: Gem of Vitality item.png Gem of Vitality + Soul Collector item.png Soul Collector + 1000 gold (1900 gold)
  • +500 health
  • +5 health regeneration
  • Killing an enemy grants 1 stack, up to 100. You gain a damaging aura that deals 0.5 damage per second to enemies within 200 units for the first stack and 1% less for each additional one.
  • I already suggested something very similar, figured I'd rework the concept a bit and resubmit it.

Zwergen Bracer

  • Let's face it: as of now, there are not many tank items. This one is a simple tier 2 one that can build into other things, for instance...

Gloves of the Eearth

  • Recipe: Zwergen Bracer + Pendant of Mana item.png Pendant of Mana + 800 gold (2400 gold)
  • +35 armor
  • +20% magic resistance
  • +400 mana
  • You gain 15% of your maximum mana as bonus health.
  • A tier 3 item for people who care about nothing else but standing there, taking hits, and casting CC. Weaker resistances overall than what other items give, but all-rounded on the magic and physical sides.

Mountain Mauler

  • Recipe: Zwergen Bracer + Big Hammer item.png Big Hammer + 700 gold (2800 gold)
  • +35 armor
  • +20% magic resistance
  • +40 attack damage
  • Your basic attacks deal 8% of your missing health as OHMD.
  • And this one is for aggressive bruisers.

Sarment of Druids

  • Recipe: Sigil of Cornucopias item.png Sigil of Cornucopias + Dark Wand item.png Dark Wand + 350 gold (2400 gold)
  • +50 ability power
  • +200 HP
  • Damaging an enemy hero grants you 10 gold and 25 mana and heals you and the allied hero with the lowest health percentage within 900 units for 20 (+25% AP). 6 seconds cooldown.
  • Grant yourself and nearby allied heroes +2 mana regeneration per second.
  • Supports need a lot more love! Yay supports!

Gozag's Pocket Watch

  • Recipe: Divine Bracelet item.png Divine Bracelet + Giant Belt item.png Giant Belt + 500 gold (2700 gold)
  • +400 health
  • Grant yourself and nearby allies +1 mana regeneration per second.
  • Active: Target allied hero (or yourself) gains +2 gold per second and +10 Intelligence, Agility and Strength for 60 seconds or until they die. 60 seconds cooldown.
  • More support love.

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