Well, since we are starting "let's-make-some-items-hype-train", time to join the fray.

Here are some items I got for ya :3

Keep in mind that I wasn't looking for any icons, so I either may add them, or you might send something fitting.

Starting/Consumable items

Unicorn's Blood
Passive Your Hero can have up to 5 Bottles of Unicorn's Blood (When buying, you get one bottle)
Active Consumes one Bottle of Unicorn's Blood to refill 200 points of your Hero's health over 15 seconds.
Cost 100g
Sell value 50g
Creator N/A

Translation - It's basically a Health potion, yea something that VotE might need :p

And FYI, I went with Unicorn's Blood coz Hairy Pooter.

Dragon's Tears
Passive Your Hero can have up to 5 Bottles of Dragon's Tears (When buying, you get one bottle)
Active Consumes one Bottle of Dragon's Tears to refill 125 points of your Hero's mana over 15 seconds.
Cost 80g
Sell value 40g
Creator N/A

Aaaaaand, Mana potion... next.

Simple Machete
Stats +5 Attack damage
Passive Butchery: Your attacks against non-Hero units deal bonus pure damage equal to 15% of their missing health.
Cost 400g
Sell value 200g
Creator N/A

Here's something for both our beloved Junglers and Carries, because why not make lasthitting easier?

Tier 2 items

Mercenary's Sword
Stats +25 Attack Damage
Cost 1000g
Sell value 500g
Creator N/A


Pretty much a component for Tier 3 items

Greater Spellbook
Stats +45 Abillity Power
Cost 900g
Sell value 450g
Creator N/A


A component for Tier 3 items, again.

Elvish Bow
Stats +30% Attack Speed

+30 Agility

Passive Like the Wind: When your hero attacks, it gains a stack (max 3 stack), each stack increases your hero's attack speed by 15%.
Cost 4700g
Sell value 2350g
Creator N/A


Here's an item purely for AGI carries that gives heaps of attack speed, why did I made a specific description for this item? Because it gives attributes.

More to come...

No, seriously, I don't have much time now (if templates are not going to work, I'm gonna kill myself).

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