Empowered Blade
Stats +20% attack speed
+250 mana
Passive Your basic attacks restore 7 / 12 / 17 / 22 mana. Doubled when attacking heroes.
Cost 1300g (350g)
Sell value 650g
Creator Hamengeri
  • Icon - Frostguard
  • Recipe:
  • While this may seem weird to League players, attack speed is not that weird on non-agility heroes, as primary attributes increase basic attack damage. Therefore, attack speed is never as wasted as in League.

Now that I look at this Blade, it should be good for farmers. It allows to farm with skills by granting bonus mana and helps to keep on farming, because it grants even more mana to spend on farming as user finishes off minions or pokes enemies with basic attacks.
Oh look, I managed to fill all that space and it no longer overlaps.

Blade of Might
Stats +250 mana
+20 attack damage
Passive After using an ability, your next basic attack deals twice the base damage.
Cost 1400g (500g)
Sell value 700g
Creator Hamengeri
  • Icon - Searing Blade, but now that some icons are "fried" from my occupation, I think It's possible to find a better icon. These are all more or less placeholders after all.
  • Recipe:
  • Again contrary to League, our "Sheen" provides no wasted stats (not all champions utilize ability power). You can never feel bad for purchasing it. At least not because of ability power.

Stats +500 mana

+25% attack speed
+25 attack damage

Passive After using an ability, your next basic attack launches a chain lightning that applies your damage to three closest enemies and restores 50 mana for every enemy hero hit.
Cost 2950g (250g)
Sell value 1475g
Creator Hamengeri

I think I'm falling in love with items with complicated build paths. They fill so much space effortlessly... I think that attack damage bonus could be buffed, but I don't want it to be high compared to other items that provide it. Stormbringer should be bought for passive that damages multiple enemies, not because one just needs an AD item.

I include only these, because we still don't have official stance on attribute items. As soon as we have one, I'll revisit my item concepts that provide agility or intelligence. As I could focus more on single items this time, they should feel more... simply more ok. Notice that Stormbringer no longer has that 5-aa condition.

New Suggestion

Cursed Nibs
Stats +30% attack speed
+30 ability power
Passive Your basic attacks increase magic damage taken by target by 5%. Lasts 3 seconds and stacks up to 4 times.
Cost 2000g (700g)
Sell value 1000g
Creator Hamengeri

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