• Lykrast

    After seeing his post on Reddit, I've decided to ask Liam Jobson if we could use some of his concepts, and he said yes! So here are 2 that I chose formatted and tweaked for VotE, so we can have some feedback (I'll also need to find models for them).

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  • Lykrast

    Tentative Ayler rework

    April 12, 2016 by Lykrast

    Our winged friend always suffered from some problems. First being that he always has been a bit too strong, but also his kit is kind of bland, you just on enemy, him, then spam some . So here I'm gonna try to make up something that fits with his indentity (ramping up over the fight mostly) and adding some "meaningful choices". Those are overall pretty light in the grand scheme of things, but it will tweak things around to make him a bit different. Note that this does not come with changes to or , because I think these only need number tuning.

    or , up to 5.

    |description2 = When at 5 stacks, this can be activated to consume all stacks and causes all of Ayler's basic attacks to crit for 75% bonus damage for 8 seconds. |cooldown = 8 }} }}

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  • Lykrast

    Changelog part 3

    February 14, 2016 by Lykrast

    The previous post was getting laggy when edited, so here's the changelogs starting from February 2016.


    • Fixed a large amount of issues related to damaging spells


      • Base attack time increased from to
      • Movement speed reduced from 315 to 305
      • Strength per level reduced from to
      • Agility per level reduced from to
        • Mana cost increased from to
        • Mana cost increased from 50 to 70
        • Reanimation health reduced from 40% to %
        • No longer causes basic attacks to deal physical damage in a 200 radius area around their main target
        • Now causes basic attacks to deal bonus physical damage
        • Cooldown increased from 10 to 12
        • Added a radius indicator during the delay
        • Impact delay reduced from to 1
        • Stun duration increased from to
        • Lifesteal increased from 15% to 25%
        • Magic r…

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  • Lykrast

    Here are some "tresholds of power" for upgrades, or number of stacks required for X% of the stats to be granted. "Power" here will be defined by either 's bonus AP and mana regen or 's bonus OHMD.

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  • Lykrast

    Welcome to this first blog that will tell in details how certains abilities work, in this case .

    Don't pay much attention to that on the right for now, it's explained a bit below, and is only so high cause it takes some place.

    In Warcraft III, spells are made in the object editor, and actually can only be default spells with values tweaked around. This means that the vast majority of abilities in VotE actually CANNOT be done in the object editor alone.

    But that doesn't mean we won't need it. In our case, needs 3 spells defined in the object editor :

    • The main spell (learned and cast by the hero) : it is based on the Tauren Chieftain's Shockwave, which fires a projectile in a line that does damage to everything in its path. However, due to all …

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