Here is a list of abilities I know are doable, I would like to put but I can't find a proper kit for them. So feel free to take some of them for your concepts, but just say that you are planning to use it, so that I can mark them as "used" so that we don't risk to have 2 concepts with the same ability. I am also open to suggestions for new ones. I won't lie, most of them come from other mobas, but that doesn't change much.

You are also free to strap any other bonus you want on top of that (CC, passive stat gain...) and (of course) change the names. Also remember : only 1 reactivation/recast per kit, can't put more, sorry.

  • Procfest: Every Xth attack deals bonus damage. Activate to make it proc every attack, but deactivate passive during cooldown.
  • Positional Spin: Damage nearby enemies. Bonus effect on enemies at the edge of area.
  • Two part damage: Line skillshot that hits first enemy. If it hits something/a hero, your next attack deals bonus damage.
  • Spellblade: After spell cast, next attack has bonus damage.
  • Skillshot AoE: Line skillshot that hits first enemy, dealing area damage.
  • Triple Skillshot: 3 line pass-through skillshots that goes in a cone. Enemies hit by multiple takes reduced damage from those beyond the first.
  • Positional Damage: after a short delay, deal aoe damage centered on the nearest enemy (prioritizing heroes).

  • Double Dash: Dash a short distance and causes next attack to deal bonus damage. If attack is landed, might be recast once within a short window.
  • Confusing Dash: Dash a short distance and deal AoE damage. Can be recast within a short window to teleport to cast point.
  • Chase: Gain movement speed for a short duration. Basic attacks refresh the duration, up to a cap.
  • Out of combat mount: Channel a short time, canceled by taking hero damage, then gains movement speed until attack or take hero damage.
  • Delayed Blink: Mark a postion. Reactivate within a short window to teleport to it.
  • Initiation Skillshot: Line pass-through skillshot. Reactivate to teleport to its location.

  • Timed Shell: Gains damage reduction for a short time. Damage reduction is stronger for the first few moments.
  • Skill Dispel: After a short delay, dispel yourself. Does something if a debuff is dispelled.

  • Snaring Field: After a delay, root enemies in an area, then leaves a slowing field behind.
  • Timed Skillshot: Inoffensive line skillshot. At end of range or when reactivated, deal area damage and stun around it.

  • Safe Zone: Places something that grants you movement speed/attack speed/lifesteal while near it.
  • Decoy into SURPRISE: Channels, becoming invisible while spawning an illusion. Reactivate to dash for aoe damage. If illusion is killed, invisibility is removed.

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