This is the list of things I'm planning to do, which will be done in the future.

Quite soon

  • Bree Portrait.png Bree
  • Ganglione Portrait.png Ganglione
    • Endless Riches.png Endless Riches reworked
      • Viktor innate stype of thing
    • Molten Gold.png Molten Gold reworked
      • Slowing field that damages enemies standing in it, area shrink while damage and slow increases over duration
    • Cursed Coin.png Cursed Coin reworked
      • Medium range skillshot that deals damage to the first enemy hit
      • Upon hitting or reaching max range, it stops for ~0.25 before relaunching itself towards a nearby enemy
      • This repeats multiple times
  • Raijin Portrait.png Raijin
  • Treemor Portrait.png Treemor
    • Sentient Vines.png Sentient Vines reworked
      • Creates a wall shaped slowing field of vines, dealing magic damage to enemies when they first enter it.
  • Soul Collector item.png Soul Collector reworked
    • Now becomes Sated at 80 stacks, and cannot be upgraded before being sated
  • Soul Devourer item.png Soul Devourer / Baneful Grimoire item.png Baneful Grimoire
    • Now grants powerful passives instead of stats depending on the number of stacks
    • Now require a Sated Soul Collector item.png Soul Collector to be upgraded


  • Changes to the layout (below are Now and Project (with bad copy pasting skills))
  • Map BeforeMap Project
  • Less lag generation for spells (doing this overtime, as demonstrated by recent changelogs)
  • On Spell effects (work already begun, I just need to strap the thing on all spells and then ask for some items that uses it)
  • Bots (it's something I've already done on some of my other maps, I just need to get the motivation and find some heroes who are "easy" to bot)


  • New heroes
  • Ignis Portrait.png Ignis
    • Blazing Speed.png Blazing Speed
      • Replaced with something more fitting (maybe the old suggested passive?)
        • Suggestion 1 (by me) : abilities deal bonus damage over time. Basic attacks refresh the duration and stack the damage.
        • Suggestion 2 (by Erdamon and Aston) : "a sunfire cape passive of sort, dealing more damage for a few seconds to enemies who have been damaged by Ignis recently with his attacks/other abillities."
  • Rachet Portrait.png Rachet
    • Thruster Overdrive.png Thruster Overdrive
      • Generates heat with use that decays when not in use
        • Suggestion 1 (Erdamon) : once heats reach maximum, toggle ends and Rachet is silenced until all the heat is away
        • Suggestion 2 (me) : health cost scales with heat and is based on maximum health


  • Spiritual Bowl item.png Spiritual Bowl changed to Sobi Mask item.png Sobi Mask + Sobi Mask item.png Sobi Mask with a different passive
  • AD
    • Increases base attack range by ~20%, but cannot be sold (technical limitations)
    • Upgrades for Blade of Might item.png Blade of Might
    • Every 3 attacks, gives max attack speed for next 3 attacks but reduces damage to 50%
  • AP
  • Tank
    • Grants heavy resistance while stunned or rooted
    • Mask of Freedom, cleanses wearer when damage treshold/other similar mechanic happens
    • Roots enemies on every few attacks against same target (reduced duration for ranged)
    • Wicked Bulwark item.png Wicked Bulwark + Giant Belt item.png Giant Belt Grants ramping movespeed with movement, consumed on attack for bonus damage
    • Links enemies hit with basic attacks (any damage when close enough?), activate to pull all linked enemies toward you

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