Jungle upper
Jungle lower
Let's get directly to the point : I'm open to suggestions to know how to fill the camps in the jungle.

Above picture is the upper jungle, where I think I found more or less the intended route. You are free to suggest another one that could also use the lower one.

Below is the lower jungle, I don't know exactly what to put here, but the camps are here.

I have an idea for lesser camps to make them gives you a stacking buff to damage against towers, but I don't have any idea for buffs granted by bigger camps, I also don't know where to put those bigger camps.

I don't know either what the Boss will do upon being slain, maybe just a lot of global gold and xp. As for the Big Boss, similarly to Dawngate's Parasite, it will causes treants to spawn alongside your minions for some waves. Treants are very tanky and reduces the attack speed of towers they attack. Still open to suggestions on that point.

I am also open to suggestions for upgrades for the Quelling Blade item.png jungler item (I'm sure I'm gonna scrap the healing on it, but I need to find what to replace it with).

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