Thanks Aston for the name!

So anyway, there is this model I randomly found, and would like to put it in the map, only problem is that my imagination sucks, so here is your chance to prove you can do things good... I gues...

To mark your blog as a contest entry, just add "KFC - " before the standard title and post its link in the comments below. Now here are the "rules" (which are mostly derived from the model) :

  • One entry per person
  • He is evil
  • He is melee
  • He is probably Strength (maybe Agility? but he has too much muscles I guess)

For the deadline, I'd say within a month (18th of July reported to until Aston posts his kit), but we might decide the winner earlier if everyone who wants to participate already has their entry done.

Don't worry if you lose, you still have all the rights you want to keep the kit and strap it to another model if you want.

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