I just figured out that you would like to know how's the map doing. So basically:
  • Champion picking is almost finished.
  • Towers and minions are almost finished (need upgrades over time and proper pathing for minions).
  • Both items and jungle are not even started, but they'll come.
  • Kills and respawning (should be, haven't really tested) are done, but no gold for now (will come with items).
  • Herculeon Portrait.png Herculeon is finished! Yeah! I just hope you'll love him because that f*cking Lion's Fang.png Lion's Fang was a real pain to code!

And if you looked at that image, you are wondering: "What the hell is this?". Well, it's the current map.

Top left is the picking area, where you pick your hero. On the middle you'll see the lane, separated by ~1200 units of trees near the middle. If you look well enough, you can see where are the towers. Far left is the Empire spawn, with shop and the thing to destroy, same far right but for the Demons.

This big lane split in 2 in the middle is delimited by some grass immediatly followed by a cliff. Don't worry, the cliffs will be gone when the jungle will be there. And outside those cliffs, except for the picking area, it's a big whole plain full of emptinesss.

Yes, I did write "EMPIRE" and "DEMON" on the ground... don't worry that's temporary.

By the way : feel free to suggest the jungle paths.

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