Yep, because a certain lucky someone received his copy in advance, we both played a match on the current map (as I was finishing Rachet Portrait.png Rachet), it was a Ian Portrait.png Ian vs Sakura Portrait.png Sakura, it lasted about 50 minutes, and the folowing things were unveiled:

  • I messed something up in the code of Disregard.png Disregard and Cataclysm.png Cataclysm that made the former impossible to cast if the latter was ready to cast. It's fixed.
  • The on-hit script seems to stop working on Sakura Portrait.png Sakura once she cast Spirit of the Air.png Spirit of the Air once, I'll find a fix sometimes in the near future.
  • Ian Portrait.png Ian sucks at killing people who jump on him.
  • Sakura Portrait.png Sakura sucks at (de)pushing.
  • Minions do a surprising amount of damage, will tone down a little.
  • 6 times I landed a Cataclysm.png Cataclysm on Sakura Portrait.png Sakura, 4 times her Dancing with the Wind.png Dancing with the Wind was up. I need to find some particule effects that plays when she negates damage.
  • The ramping up with time movement speed on minions does what it was designed to do : have late game fight only happen near bases to make it quicker.

Also, Sylvia Portrait.png Sylvia has been accepted and Rachet Portrait.png Rachet is finished (still haven't tested his ult, but that shouldn't take long).

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