Yep, started to do the jungle, no real details for now because it's not really advanced, but we got a Quelling Blade item.png jungler item (and we also got Potion of Restoration item.png potions). One thing I can tell you is that the test to know if the thing seems balanced was made with Rachet Portrait.png Rachet, because he is the closest to a jungler within the coded heroes (also tried with Vaelnar Portrait.png Vaelnar, but he sucks early game).

I also accepted Baroak Portrait.png Baroak, the carry that pushes like a mad man, and Gorippas Portrait.png Gorippas, the hyper-tanky hyper-item dependant carry.

Here are some random stats on the heroes:

  • By primary attribute:
    • 3 strength
    • 6 agility
    • 8 intelligence
  • By attack range:
    • 12 melee
    • 5 ranged
  • By creator:
    • 6 by ErdamonPL
    • 5 by SirAston
    • 2 by MonoKirisame
    • 1 by Hamengeri
    • 1 by Draven, the Glorious Executioner
    • 1 by Lykrast

So we can conclude we need ranged strength heroes not by Aston or Erdamon... more or less...

We also need items.

PS : yes it was short, but wanted to say it.

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