Those are some concepts from LoL wikia I kinda like and might do, however I want first to ask you what do you think of them before asking their respective authors if we can put them here (of course crediting them). Obviously some specific elements will have to be cut, but most of the essence of the kit will stay intact.

Remember: numbers always subject to change.

  • Noi'Rys by Kassyndra
    • AP ranged support that relies on buffing her attack dependents allies via links.
    • Read her Siphon Sanity (W) first.
  • Rhodes by Caporai
    • AP melee tank/bruiser that relies on heavy positioning to deal sustained damage and impairs movement.
  • Xia by AP Sejuani
    • AP melee assassin that relies on moving a lot to force enemies out of position and nuke entire teams with a well placed ult coupled with positioning.
  • Dorian by Emptylord
    • AP melee tank/support/bruiser that specialises in controlling areas while setting up for his teammates thanks to stasis.
    • The projectile block part of his W isn't doable.
  • Zargonil by Emptylord
    • AD melee tank/bruiser that can chase enemies with conditionnal mobility coupled with a good amount of AoE damage and a game-changing ultimate.
    • The projectile block part of his E isn't doable.

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