• Health regeneration per strength increased from 0.03 to 0.08
  • Mana regeneration per intelligence increased from 0.04 to 0.08

Is not fun to have no mana/health, plus by making that, hp/mana regen items become a bit less valuable, meaning that they can be made stronger with less worries (most mana regen items being stupidly good even with such low numbers.


Gem of Vitality item.png Gem of Vitality

Blessed Skull item.png Blessed Skull

New item : Sacred Heart item.png Sacred Heart

  • Rejuvenating Cloak item.png Rejuvenating Cloak + Giant Belt item.png Giant Belt + 650g (2500 total)
  • 700 health
  • 25% magic resistance
  • 3 health regeneration
  • Passive : taking damage that brings you lower than 30% health causes you to regenerate 30% of your max health over 6 seconds, 60 seconds cooldown.

New item (future)

  • Resonating Buckler item.png Resonating Buckler + Giant Belt item.png Giant Belt + Xg
  • 400 health
  • 30 armor
  • 3 health regeneration
  • Passive : deals 25 (+ 1% of your maximum health) magic damage per second to enemies within 300 range.

New item (needs more tinkering)

  • Tier 3 regen
  • Passive : accumulate stacks as you "over regen" your health, up to a cap, when damaged, they are quickly consumed to heal yourself for an equal amount.

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