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  • MonoKirisame

    Drania is a completely dedicated ranged carry who uses great innate stats and her skills to excel at kiting and turning a fight around.



    / / / bonus physical damage if a target is hit consecutively. Stacks up to 3 times.

    }} }}

    Drania throws a net at the target location, dealing physical damage and snaring enemy heroes in a 250-radius.

    |leveling =


    |range = 1000 |cooldown = 12 |cost = 70 |costtype = mana }} }}

    Drania fires at the enemy's feet, applying a slow to her basic attacks, which lasts one second. The ability itself lasts 4 seconds.

    |leveling =

    1 second

    |cooldown = 10 |cost = 40 |costtype = mana }} }}

    Drania gain…

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  • MonoKirisame

    Sylvia is a lane support who's kit is a mixed bag: she has poke, she has a heal and cc. She has a bit of everything but does not excel at any.

    Model: Hippogryph Rider

    (also the ult is instant-cast and not a ground-targetable)

    Near the forest lake of Asquana, there had been a village of elves surrounding the lake. The inhabitants tame the beasts in the forest, whether on the ground or in the air, and bond with them. The elves are quite the military force - the core point of that being the Asquana Academy, where sooner or later, most elves interested in becoming a warrior, or maybe even a legend attend.

    Sylvia is the daughter of an average family. She loved to pluck leaves and plants in the forest and brewing potions, essences and all of that s…

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  • MonoKirisame

    Cranite is a durable golem guy who can be played as a lane support or even partly as a ganker.


    Granite Golem would also work I guess, but it feels a little plain and crystals in his appearance/abilities/lore would have to be reworked to stones/granite etc :p

    The woods slumbered, the rivers basked under a full moon. In a nearby cave known for it's precious and beautiful crystals, something magical was about to happen. The cave entrance itself was located behind a big, big waterfall called Sienna's Tears. The waterfall itself flew into the Sienna Lake, which had a river connected to it which ran through the entire woods...

    In this ver…

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  • MonoKirisame

    Hey, here's my first hero for this thing.

    Azazel is a mage with a short cooldown poke and good Area of Effect damage, with decent to good range, providing potent slows at that. He fits very well into Area of Effect compositions exactly because of his great AoE damage. His cc is minimally lacking however, seeing as these are not hard ccs.


    Part of the demons, Azazel has been warped through dimensions. He serves his Lord "Your Malevolence" Monde.

    Years ago, he was part of a cult that had deeply studied different magics and believed in the occult. Reading through entire libraries, he seemed to have found immense arc…

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