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  • SirAston

    Algron is a hero with this model.

    Slow but steady, Algron has been created to withstand large amounts of damage while returning the favor with his immense Bonecrusher club. But his true potential is unleashed in prolonged fights, where he can overwhelm even the beefiest target by outright ignoring part of their armor with every third attack. But that's not all. By using said third attack for an ability instead, he can become more than the sum of the parts that created him by stunning the target for a longer time, pushing back every other enemy that isn't his main focus or even use the heat of the earth itself to enhance his brimstone machinations for a short time, attacking faster at the cost of his health.

    In short, when Algron gets his mom…

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  • SirAston

    Well, I just wanted to talk about the current state of VotE's lore...

    Given the nature of MOBA-games, it's obvious that lore doesn't really have a good place to begin with because the fight "resets" with each new match and heroes can be on both sides of a battle, even arch-rivals being able and capable of covering each other's back. Heck, a / duo lane might even work pretty well. I initially handwaved it by mentioning in passing that the battle for the Prime Gate is basically confusing in itself and people switch sides all the time because of personal reasons, being mercenaries, being undecided in whom to follow or plain simple brainwashing/converting. It still doesn't explain how a Duskbringer would ever fight for the Empire, but it seemed…

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  • SirAston

    Evarashi is a hero made by SirAston with this model.

    The Wandering Druid summons aid from nearby forest wisps to dominate her enemies, giving her a natural advantage at the Prime Gate. Those wisps act as turrets, but unlike other turret-users, those can't stall a lane or otherwise be a hindrance while moving around, meaning her presence is required to use the full potential of her turrets. But that's what Evarashi wants anyway, as she is empowered by the presence of her wisps.

    Her playstyle resolves around careful placement of her Protector Wisps and staying in their range whenever possible to quickly deal with a minion wave or provide a meaningful edge in teamfights. Gust of Change allows to focus down on an enemy and keeping him in turret ran…

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  • SirAston

    Even though it would be extremely troublesome to include custom voicework, we can at least give the characters some personality on this wikia. Therefore, this is the semi-official "custom quote archive" for every character.

    I'll do custom quotes for my character, the other ones can be suggestions via chat or talk. To avoid comment-clutter for just a few new quotes, I'll disable commenting on this blog post (the first time I disable that, huh...)

    There are some requirements, though:

    1. The character in question should be approved and already included in the map. (The map inclusion-clause reduces sudden workload when a pulp of characters gets approved)
    2. The character in question should have a background story.
    3. When interacting with another character o…
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  • SirAston

    Old LoL-concepts

    June 26, 2015 by SirAston

    Because it's trendy.

    But unlike others, I actually have organized my old concepts a long time ago. AWESOME!

    Those chumps don't have stats most of the time, but then again, it's a different engine and different math now, so it's not required. Important are only the abilities and if they're possible in VotE. Here's the list.

    I could make a short description of every chump, but I'm currently too busy for that, sorry. (Most of the concepts aren't that doable in VotE anyway)

    And yeah, Herculeon, the Shining Lion WAS the template for our Herculeon. *puts on sunglasses* Deal with it.

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