This blog post serves two purposes.

First, after some rest, I'll be back making heroes. And this time, I'll do some custom models since I'm getting a bit better with stuff. The next hero will be on the Neutral side and has his own definition of "Fun" and "Exploiting weakspots".

Second, there are several other models I like very much for different reasons. 8, in fact. And I decided "Hey, let's abuse the punny acronym and let the people vote for which model I should use!" But it's not a conventional vote, no. Instead, I'd like you to rate each model in the comments with a number between 0 ("Get this abomination outta my game, you scum!") to 5 ("Get this abomination into my game, you scum!"). After a while, I'll check the ratings and the one with the highest score will be made next, guaranteed, with only a 0.1%-chance of me getting sidetracked. The other models may or may not be done in the future, but at least my personal favourites have a high chance.

  • Number One — Obviously a melee champ that looks like the epitome of STR. Sadly, he's missing a good "charging" animation.
  • Number Two — A very big model, but size can be changed. Another melee STR champ, this time a brawler (meaning high base stats, but bad transition into lategame).
  • Number Three — A personal favourite despite the simple looks. Limited animations (despite the quantity of animations), but I imagine him being a melee carry with a ranged spammable ability and good mobility.
  • Number Four — Another personal favourite. An INT-assassin who is squishy, but is capable of leaving an area of annihilation behind due to a damage aura, good damage in general and capable of making the ultimate sacrifice to drag as many enemies as possible into hell.
  • Number Five — Needs a reduced size similar to Two. I like the Spell Channel > Attack Slam animation combo and could imagine this being a good basic ability. There are a lot of possibilities, so I'm not set on a kit for him yet.
  • Number Six — Sadly, Jayce-style champions would have a severe bug NOT ANYMORE, IT'S FIXED! So let's give her the double-kit.
  • Number Seven — This model is just plain funny, I'd love to use it, but I don't have a kit for him right now, so it's in your hand.
  • Number Eight — This just SCREAMS hypermobile ranged AGI-carry and it's another personal favourite despite her rather plain looks.

So, get to the comments and rate the models! Vote for your VotE!

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