First, I'm kinda bad with items. And with items, I mean costs and meaningful stats. Numbers Schnumbers therefore and don't forget everything is subject for change. For costs, I instead state the intended tier of the items.

Also, no "Item info"-template because I've seen how messy it can become with several items, even when tabs are included.

Azure Skull

Tier: 2

Stats: +20% Magic Resistance, +4 mana regeneration

Passive: The wielder gains +5% Movement Speed for 1 second whenever he or nearby allied heroes receive damage.

Recipe: Anti-magic Mantle item.png Anti-magic Mantle + Sobi Mask item.png Sobi Mask + Gold

Basic Idea: A reactive tank item for more aggressive tanks (since Resonating Buckler item.png Resonating Buckler is more for defensive tanks)

Bracelet of Divinity

Tier: 1

Stats: +3 STR, +3 AGI, +3 INT

Recipe: Gold

Basic Idea: Not only does this "abuse" the fact that the stats would still count as "a single ability", but this would also open up new ways for constructing Tier 2- and 3-items.

Druidic Staff

Tier: 2

Stats: +25 AP, +10 INT

Active: Target tree turns into a loyal Treeling. The Treeling is controlable and sturdier than a melee minion, but not necessarily stronger and definitely slower. He doesn't have a lifespan, but will instantly die if he's too far away from the hero. Only a single Treeling can exist at the same time.

Recipe: Spellbook item.png Spellbook + Gold

Basic Idea: Just a simple summoning item for squishy mages to support their midgame if they go solo-lane. The "maximum radius" is necessary so that they don't become a cheap vision-tool.


Tier: 3

Stats: +25 AD, +30% AS, +500 Mana

Passive: After casting a spell, next attack within 10 seconds deals 120% base AD bonus physical damage and silences for 0.25 seconds.

Basic attacks restore you 13-30 mana, doubled against enemy heroes.

Recipe: Blade of Might item.png Blade of Might + Empowered Blade item.png Empowered Blade + Gold

Basic Idea: I always thought that BoM and EB would make a great pair if fused together, so here it is, a great late-game item against mages. If this would go above the 4 abilities-limit, then make the "after casting"-effect steal a good amount of mana instead of silencing.

Solsworn Rapier

Tier: 2 (relatively high cost for Tier 2, though, so "2.5" tier)

Stats: +50 AD, +180 HP

Passive: The wielder gets stunned for 0.25 / 0.75 seconds whenever he attacks a hero or boss monster.

Recipe: Claws of Attack item.png Claws of Attack + Claws of Attack item.png Claws of Attack + Periapt of Life item.png Periapt of Life + Gold

Basic Idea: A high-risk, high-reward item for melee attackers who don't rely too much on attack speed. The trigger can be changed to "when damaging" instead if needed (although that could be funny with Herculeon when he activates his ult: Perma-ministunned)

Soul of Nature

Tier: Consumable

Active: Target tree gets destroyed, instantly healing the user for 80 health and another 80 health over 8 seconds.

Recipe: Gold

Basic Idea: Tango-expy. 'nuff said

Vampyre Essence

Tier: 2

Stats: +250 health, +6 health regen

Passive: +8% Life Steal

Recipe: Periapt of Life item.png Periapt of Life + Ring of Regeneration item.png Ring of Regeneration + Gold

Basic Idea: A more defensive Life Steal item. Of course it would make more sense to pair it with AD for more Life Steal, but this should be something that melee bruisers would like. It would also make a nice item for Tier 3-recipes.

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