My first item suggestion fail so I've try again. Here's what I got:

Charge Blade

Passive: Every 12s, you start charging damage for up to 10s. Your next basic attack will deal 40(+4 every second charge) true damage, double on jungle monster. Killing a unit will refresh the passive (which start at the 40 base damage). Killing a jungle monster will increase 1 damage per charge.

So basically this is another version of Quelling Blade but the passive changed. It is similar to Ashe/Thresh passive and the Feral Flare stack damage passive.

Culling Blade

+10% Critical Chance

(Don't know if you want this in game)

Hunter's Axe

Recipe: 2x Culling Blade + Gold

+20% Critical Chance

Passive: When crit, you attacks twice instead, each deals 100% AD.

(If increase crit damage to, for ex: 225%, it would increase each basic attack to 125% for a total of 250% instead).

This passive will allow for some 'AD carry' to comes to VotE which have effect base on basic attack (similar to Vayne or MF's W).

Axe of Chaos

Recipe: Hunter's Axe + Culling Blade

+30% Critical Chance

Passive: When crit you attacks twice instead, one deals 100% AD as physical damage, the other deal 100% AD as true damage.

Passive: After 6 basic attack, your next attack will crit.

This item works very well with: Storm Hammer, Rending Claws and any champ that have on-hit effect.

Vampire Heart

Recipe: Periapt of Life + Ring of Regeneration + Gold

+ 200 Health

+ 2 Health Regeneration

Passive: Whenever you take damage, you store 5 health in the Vampire Heart every second for 5s.  Max health stored: 200.

Active: After 200 health stored, you can activate it to heal you 200 Health instantly.

Dracula  Spirit

Recipe: Vampric Essence + Vampire Heart + Gold

+ 400 Health

+ 5 Health Regenration

+ 8% Life Steal

Passive: You store 5 health every second. You can activate Dracula to heal nearby allies and you the amout stored. Max health stored: 300. Cooldown: 10s.

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