So with the information about the upcoming S5 Jungle changed, here is some of my item ideas. Since there is no  VotE jungle information yet, I will make these item base on Whulag summons.

Survivor Blade

+5 Atk Damage

Active: Deal true damage to a non-hero unit. Can be used on ally unit. Any jungle monster killed this way gains a stack. Each monster has its own stacks.

Cost 400

Upon reaching 10 stack of a monster, you can upgrade it.

Bear Claw

+10 Atk Damage

Active: Deal true damage and stun a non-hero unit.

Wolf Fang

+5 Atk Damage

Active: Deal true damage. You gains atk speed and MS for 3s.

Drake Tooth

+8 Atk Damage

Active: Deal true damage and slow the target. In addition, reduce its damage.

After upgrade all that posible, you gain:

The Jungle Curse

Total: 30 Atk Damage

Active: You take a non-hero unit control (for 5s if the target is belong to an ally or enemy). Its atk can slow and reduce targets damage while have a chance to stun. While the unit still alive, you gains atk speed and MS. The unit can't go to the fountain nor getting too far away from you. The unit still has its passive effect before Cursed.

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